It’s no longer business as usual for the world and certainly not for the Body of Christ. The days of sitting by the sidelines are coming to an end. Our focus on the blog this year will be on some of the battles we will have to contend with this decade as Christians.

The Battle Of Sight 

The Battle Of Imposters

The Battle Of Feasts & Tables

The Battle Of Vessels

The Battle Of Excellence

The Battle Of Execution

The Battle Of Words

The Battle Of Remembrance

Everything that God desires to do on earth has a time and season. That means every stage of your business or career has its appointed time and season. 

The battle of time takes place on two fronts: understanding and surrender.

We need to be like the sons of Issachar who understood the times and seasons not only to their own benefit but also to their nation’s. If you lack this knowledge, you need only ask God to give it to you and He is gracious to do so. 

Knowing what season we’re in allows us to calibrate our expectations the right way. If you don’t know you’re in a season of planting, you’ll be expecting a harvest and get disappointed when it fails to materialise. 

Only when we have the right expectations can we partner with God in the fulfilment of His word over our lives. Many of us become jaded by our faith and walk with God because we believe God hasn’t kept His word. When in fact, we are the ones who failed to understand the time and season we were in.

God supplies into our lives based on time and season. If you’re in a planting season, He will give you seed because that’s what you need. He will give you blueprints for tilling your territory, because that’s what you need. If you’re in a pruning season, He will cut off things that seem good to you but would interfere with your fruitfulness if allowed to stay in your life. 

When we understand the times we’re in as well as what God intends to supply to us during a particular season, our prayers gain clarity and focus. We can contend for breakthroughs in God’s name because we are confident that our expectations in Him are not misplaced. 

Having understood our times and seasons, we must surrender to God’s plans for the same. To surrender is to yield – to give ourselves over to His plans 100%. To submit our desires and longings to His pacing and process. 

We must learn to be content with the season we’re in. Not longing for a past that we imagine was better or a future we think will be easier. We must learn to be content in the present. Living fully and wholly right where we are. Being faithful with the gift of today that God has granted us. 

This can be a challenge in a world where the next thing is constantly touted as the best thing. But remember, godliness with contentment is great gain. Cultivate a heart of contentment. Purpose to be content in every season regardless of your circumstances. Practice counting your blessings and naming them one by one as the children’s song goes. It works! 

Discontentment is often an issue of perspective not a lack of blessing. You’d be surprised how easily we lose sight of how much we already have. However, when you take the time to list out what’s working in your life, and not just focus on what’s not, you’ll often find that the former greatly outweighs the latter. 

God ordained times and seasons for a reason. They are meant to help us not hurt us. So we cannot contend against them. We need to align ourselves to them in understanding and surrender.  Only then can we reach the dimensions that Joshua did – when he made the sun stand still. 

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