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Fired Up – October 2018

Ministry in the workplace can seem daunting. Particularly when you think about how much needs to change and wonder where to even begin.

Fired Up is a new monthly cheer-you-on package from Kairos that helps you break things down into simple daily/weekly actions that you can commit to.


Focus Areas:

  1. Gratitude – what one thing am I thankful for about my work/workplace?
  2. Ministry – what one thing can I do to minister to someone in my workplace based on the monthly theme?
  3. Work – what one change can I make in my approach to work based on the monthly theme?
  4. Play – what fun thing can I do to recharge in the course of my day/week?
  5. Rest – what downtime have I scheduled in my day/week (this excludes sleeping time)?

The package includes:

  • a theme for the month to that you can commit to put to practice
  • a meditation corner where you can summarize what the monthly theme means to you
  • a growth corner to help you celebrate your progress
  • a sample weekly template to help you track your progress in the course of the month
  • a sample daily template to help you track your progress from Monday to Friday

How it works:

  1. Make your purchase here and get the PDF document delivered straight to your inbox.
  2. Go through the monthly theme and consider how you’d like to action it in your life as led by the Holy Spirit.
  3. Decide whether you want to use the weekly or daily template to hold yourself accountable.
  4. Fill in your template – limited to one item per focus area to ensure you don’t over promise and under deliver to yourself
  5. Accomplish each item and get the satisfaction of crossing/ticking them off and knowing you made a difference to yourself and your workplace.

Why it matters:

10 seconds – the time it takes you to flip through your Fired Up package.

10 minutes – the time you can use each day/week to prioritize your actions and celebrate your progress.

Eternity – the scope of impact your choices each day have.

Here’s to being more intentional in bearing fruit as a believer in the marketplace.

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