The Business Starter Index

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This assessment tool helps you review the divine mandate of the business you want to start and key spiritual and natural factors you need to consider as a visionary to ensure you build on the right foundation.

How it works:

  1. Buy the workbook (add to basket and check out).

  2. Fill in the brief Q&A that you get in the download link. This helps us get to know you and understand where you are a little better.

  3. Send your filled in Q&A to the email address indicated in the document.

  4. Within 10 working days, you’ll receive a tailor-made assessment tool for you based on the information you share with us to work on with God.

  5. The fun begins!

Note: The workbook takes a question-based format covering specific aspects of your life and is best used alongside a written, audio or audio-visual form of recording where you can put down your answers.


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