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    Dress Right

    The various roles we have in the marketplace require us to be dressed a certain way. As leaders, we constantly have to manage how others are dressed literally and figuratively. But in the process, it’s easy to forget ourselves yet we cannot lead anyone aright if we’re not dressed right. [Continued…] New Leaders’ Foundry Post has been sent out. Sign up here to follow our conversations on Christian leadership in the marketplace:  http://eepurl.com/gehnS9

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    Called To Witness

    Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him! Psalm 34:8 ESV Testimonies and thanksgiving are regular themes in my writing because they’re regular themes in my life. I’ve found that the simplest truths are often the most profound and impactful. These two have been especially so. As Christians in the marketplace we have many mandates. Perhaps one of the most spoken about and overlooked in equal measure is that we are called to witness. There are two sides to this. The first is to take note of what God is doing in our workplaces. The very essence of being a…

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    Leaders Pray

    No lengthy post this month. Just as importantly, if not more so, is a call to prayer as follows by the leading of the Holy Spirit: [Continued…] New Leaders‘ Foundry Post has been sent out. Sign up here to follow our conversations on Christian leadership in the marketplace: http://eepurl.com/gehnS9

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    Divine Promotions

    But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33 ESV Worldly promotions and divine promotions are often night and day to each other. If we don’t understand the differences between the two as believers, we can end up trying to apply divine principles on worldly terms. It’s the equivalent of trying to apply the laws of your country as a foreigner in a different country. So how do they stack up against each other? Positioned by man vs. Positioned by God Human wisdom will insist that the only way to get ahead in the corporate world is to…

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    Marketplace Ministry

    Before Jesus called each of his disciples to join Him in full-time ministry, they all had professions they were active in. Peter, Andrew, James and John were fishermen. Matthew was a tax collector. Luke was a doctor. And though not all of them have their occupations referenced in Scripture, we can presume that they were certainly engaged in some activity to sustain their livelihood.   The first disciples called were Peter and Andrew, followed by James and John. Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee. He saw two brothers. They were Simon (his other name was Peter) and Andrew, his brother. They were putting a net into the sea…