There’s a lot that happens in life that we have little say or control over.

But the one constant in every situation is the choice we have over how we respond to the varying circumstances of life.

However powerless certain situations may make us feel, we still have choices.

One of them is the choice to extend kindness.

Kindness is easily mistaken for weakness but it couldn’t be farther from it. It takes strength to think of another more than yourself. It takes strength to extend grace when what you really want to do is lash out.  It takes humility to realize that you’re living in a glass house of your own and you really have no business throwing stones at anyone else’s glass house.

If being the bigger person was easy, anyone could do it.

But it isn’t.

It’s a high calling that thrusts us into the mercies of our Saviour because we are in desperate need of His help if we are to walk in His footsteps.

Jesus’ ministry on earth was indelibly marked by His kindness towards men and women alike. Where He could have been haughty and proud, condescending and judgmental, where He had every right and leeway to put someone down, He found ways to raise them up.

With His words. With His silence. With His actions. With His presence.

It’s easy to get caught up in the big glamorous ideas and moves to change the world and forget the basics that as believers we all have immediate access to.

Kindness can be the difference between merely hearing about a God who loves and experiencing that love first-hand.

Kindness can be the difference between having the courage to keep going till the breakthrough comes and giving up just when victory is just on the horizon.

Kindness can be the difference between holding on to something/someone toxic and finally finding the courage to let go.

Kindness can be the difference between an impossible life not worth living and a hard moment that will pass.

Kindness can be the difference between never ending heartache and a joy that blows like a fresh wind through a wounded soul.

Kindness has the power to bring life where there is death. I think of it as love in work clothes.

You can be kind.

You can.

The only thing that stops you from being kind is pride.

Pride that says you’re better than this because serving someone else with your words or actions is deemed too lowly a place for you to inhabit.

Pride that says they don’t deserve it forgetting the many times you’ve been on the receiving end of that which you had no hope of ever earning.

Pride that asks what’s-in-it-for-me reducing the opportunity to express the love of God to another to a selfish transaction.

Pride that hides behind I-don’t-know-how-to-be-kind when really you just don’t want to pay the price of kindness even if someone else did it for you.

Kindness is one of the fruit of the Spirit of God. You cannot claim to be one who believes in God and walks with Him if kindness is a stranger to you. Where then is the fruit of your walk with God?

As you relate with your boss, your workmates, your clients…consider kindness.

What is the kind thing to do?

What is the kind thing to say?

What is the kind thing to be?

Then choose kindness.

You’ll be surprised how one simple act of kindness can change the world around you.

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