There’s a lot of truth and encouragement that has been shared here for the last couple of months.

How have you used it?

Has it changed you?

Your thoughts, your emotions, your actions?

Has it renewed your relationship with God in any way?

Has it transformed your view of work and business?

I believe that the value of knowledge and revelation lies in its use. There’s no point stacking it up like trophies on your shelf if it’s not doing any good in your life.

And that requires intentional application.

So today, we pause and reflect.

What have you done with what you’ve gained from this blog so far?

Go back, if you need to, and remind yourself of the lessons.

Make the necessary changes in your posture – your mind, your heart, your will.

I’ll be doing the same on my end.

Let’s meet back here next week.

Renewed and whole.


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