Dreams are a wonderful thing. Whether we acknowledge it or not, as humans we take after God in our desire to accomplish great things. Those innate desires reside in each of us as a result of the purpose God configured us for. They’re what draw us towards one direction in life and not the other.

And yes, we need the supernatural help of God to accomplish that which He has called us to do. For all the incredible things we can accomplish on human effort alone, the inclusion of God in the work of our hands is what blows everything out of the water and gives it eternal relevance.

We are called to partner with God in achieving His purpose for us. That infers that there is the role He plays and the role we play. I remember a sermon I once listened to that drove this point home wonderfully. To summarize it: God’s job was to warn Noah of the coming flood and give him the blueprint for the Ark. It was Noah’s job to actually build the Ark.

Many of us have some semblance of knowledge and understanding of the modern day “floods” we are supposed to respond to. We have been called to specific gates of society to not just spread the gospel but institute the governance of Christ in the realms of the Spirit; which then translates into the transformations we need in the world around us. Some of us even have the benefit of holding blueprints in hand. We know what we’re supposed to do and how.

And therein lies the crux of the matter.

The how.

Knowing how to do something and actually getting it done are two distinct things.

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

– Jim Rohn

I love reading stories of how people get to the top of their game. Especially the part where they’re huffing and puffing up the mountain before anyone even knows who they are much less cares. There’s a consistent thread I’ve noticed across a cross-section of them – male and female, in as varying industries as you can think of – they credit staying power for their ability to make it to the top and stay there. It wasn’t just about being the smartest, fastest, strongest, richest, most talented, etc; it was making a call to get to the top and sticking to it regardless of what they faced. That’s how many of them bypassed those who had more advantages than they did to not just get to the top but stay there and continually break new ground.

How many of us truly have that kind of resolve for God’s call in our lives?

There are so many talented and smart people in our world who are seating on their greatness lamenting how they can’t get anything done because of reason X. A good number of them have a whole alphabet of reasons for anyone willing to listen as to why they are where they are in life and why they can’t live up to their potential. Meanwhile, those with barely a fraction of what they have are reaching tremendous levels of success because rather than dwelling on what they don’t have, they’re using what they do have to make things work.

The biggest irony for me is that I’ve met some of the most excuse-filled people in the Body of Christ. People who sing about a God who can do all things every Sunday then go into the week to settle for astoundingly defeated lives.

If we’re honest, we want God to do everything for us – we want Him to serve us. We want Him to take on the hardship and the challenges and figure everything out while we sit pretty on the throne of our lives.

Yet dreams take work. Living the life that will satisfy you most in God takes work. It will wring every ounce of grit, faith and determination you have and then some. We’re raised to believe that there’s a pinnacle we get to in life where the work “stops”. But life at every stage demands that we take responsibility for what is required of us. More so, as Christians.

The issue isn’t really that we need more time, more money, more support, more [insert you reasons here]. We just need to make up our minds that we’re not going to let anything stop us from attaining what God has for us. We need staying power.

The thing with trading I can’t with I will is that there’s no room left for you to make excuses. The reality of the choices you have to make is in your face. You have to get it done. You need to get it done. You stop building idols and monuments around your challenges. You acknowledge them as hurdles and get down to business finding a way through or around them. That’s what births the fruit of perseverance in your life.

Creation is groaning as it awaits your manifestation; the solutions God has uniquely given you capacity to bring forth are needed. If the world seems to be in a hopeless state, it’s because we who are supposed to provide answers are asleep.

If you really believe that you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you, start living like it. Be the change God has called you to be. And watch how everything you had once deemed impossible, begins to happen right before your eyes.


Take Action:

Make a list of things you’ve been telling yourself you can’t do. Replace the I can’t with I won’t. Does it sit well with you? I can’t makes it easy to hide behind inability; I won’t forces you to acknowledge a choice you’re making.

Now replace the I won’t with I will. What can you do through Christ who strengthens you? Go get it done.

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