Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!

Psalm 34:8 ESV

Testimonies and thanksgiving are regular themes in my writing because they’re regular themes in my life. I’ve found that the simplest truths are often the most profound and impactful. These two have been especially so.

As Christians in the marketplace we have many mandates. Perhaps one of the most spoken about and overlooked in equal measure is that we are called to witness.

There are two sides to this. The first is to take note of what God is doing in our workplaces. The very essence of being a witness is having knowledge about something. In the flurry of our daily activities, it’s incredibly easy to lose sight of the hand of God working in and through our lives.

Natural sight may come automatically to us but spiritual sight doesn’t. It’s something we have to learn and grow in over the course of our spiritual lives. In order to perceive what God is doing, we need to know how God works. This is because God rarely does what is obvious to us as human beings. He’s operating as one who has knowledge of past, present and future about everything. We tend to be limited in understanding to what’s in front of us. Our call as witnesses is in fact an invitation to come up higher and see things from God’s perspective.

The second side of being a witness is to express what we’ve seen. The value of a witness rests in their credibility. People aren’t blind or stupid. You won’t get away with being a wine drinker who preaches water. How we speak to our colleagues matters. How we treat them matters. Our excellence in our work matters. How we handle ourselves when we don’t think anyone’s watching matters. You can’t have spiritual authority in your workplace without spiritual credibility.

The value of a witness also lies in their ability to authentically relay the information they have. To be frank, a silent witness is useless. You don’t have to stand on top of your desk and give your colleagues a sermon. Your life will convey the message better than any words you speak.

But if you do get a chance to say something, don’t cower. I’ve had far more candid conversations about Jesus in the workplace than jokes told at my expense. Far, far more. You’d be surprised how many people are hungry for truth and in need of someone brave enough to journey with them to find it.

One of the greatest vantage points we can get in life is the ability to see God’s goodness in a world that seems to contradict it at every turn. Unlike us, God isn’t particularly concerned about having a bad reputation. Our doubts and questions neither startle nor threaten Him. He remains God whether we believe it or not, whether we like Him or not. His stoic nature is all the more reason why we shouldn’t fear being vulnerable with Him when we struggle to see His goodness. He is always ready and willing to elevate our sight to where it needs to be.

You will always find what you’re looking for. If you’re constantly looking for the bad and the negative in your workplace you will find it. If you intentionally look for the good and the positive, you will find it. Where is your gaze pointed?

Take Action:

Have you been a good witness in your workplace? What steps can you take to become a better one?

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