2020 has been quite the year.

And that’s an understatement if ever there was one.

Many have given up on this year and are doing whatever they can to hang on and survive the months left. While I understand the sentiment, I don’t agree with it. I can’t afford to because doing so would be tantamount to throwing away something none of us may get back – time and chance.  

Most of us started the year with anticipation of the opportunities it would bring. We had plans for our careers and businesses. While we may have had some inclination of certain challenges that could come our way, a global pandemic that ground life to a halt wasn’t quite what we were thinking about.

Yet, while this was a surprise to the world, it wasn’t a surprise to God. And to some degree it shouldn’t have surprised us as believers. The Bible is clear about the signs of the end times such as what Jesus outlined in Matthew 24. In addition, different ministers from across the Body of Christ gave timely prophetic words about major economic challenges before the year began.

We may not have had the entire picture but the Church had fragments of revelation of what was coming. We also had wisdom prescribed by God because He didn’t just point out the problems we’d face; He gave us strategies to surmount them.

Thing is, we often assume that having things easy is a sign that we’re on the right path. We think that the absence of challenges is an indicator that we truly heard God.

But the opposite actually holds true. Think of anyone in the Bible who was called by God and there’s not a single one who didn’t have to contend with perilous times. In our church, we like to say that it’s during times of crisis when we manifest as true believers.

If God told you to do something in 2020, He’d factored in everything that has happened and will happen this year. You need to stay the course. If you veered off it for whatever reason, you need to get back on it.

For some of us, staying the course means making small or significant changes to how we operate in the marketplace. Our purpose hasn’t changed but our expression of it needs to adjust to the time and season we’re in. Much like a house built on sand, there are structures in our careers and businesses that have been washed away by the circumstances of this year. The loss could range from uncomfortable to debilitating but whichever side of the spectrum you’re on, it still counts as invitation to build afresh on solid rock this time round. Trust God to give you a better blueprint for the present age. If He already has, trust Him to see you through as you execute it.

Staying the course doesn’t mean we fail to acknowledge the hardships we’re facing. Neither does it mean that we don’t make time to rest and recharge. God is as much there for us in the lament and the Sabbath as He is in the rejoicing and the labour. Our lives are not one-dimensional and neither is our God.

Stay on your course. It’s easy to meander into someone else’s business or career lane because they look like they’re doing better than you are. It’s easy to get on a bandwagon that seems to be working in the present moment. But good isn’t always beneficial. It takes divine wisdom to know what’s right for you, when it’s right and how to execute it right. Don’t abandon the Ark God gave you in the stillness for what the world is calling a lifeboat in the storm. He wasn’t out of His mind when He set you on the path you’re on.

If there’s one thing 2020 has proven, it’s how quickly life as we know it can come to an end – literally and figuratively. Remember, though, that the inverse is also true. Life can just as quickly begin.

We still have 4 months left in the year. The possibilities of what God can do in you, for you and through you are endless.

Don’t give up on 2020.

God’s not done with the year.

And He certainly isn’t done with you.

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