Go back to the beginning.

Back to when it all started.

At what point in your life did you start feeling like you have less than the next person…that maybe perhaps you’re less than that person?

The principal of first introduction works for both the good and the bad in our lives. That moment when you first encounter a truth or a lie about something pivotally impacts your interaction with that thing from that point on.

Our first interaction with generosity determines whether we go down the path of poverty or prosperity. When I say generosity, I’m talking about extravagantly giving of yourself to another. When I say generosity, money is the least of what I’m referring to. There are so many crucial things in life that money can’t buy. A heartfelt prayer. A word of encouragement. A hand to hold through the valley. A faithful friend in times of great success.

Some may argue that money does indeed buy these things in certain contexts; but at best what money can get you is an illusion of them, not the genuine thing. And the trouble with illusions is that after a while, the cracks start to form and reality begins to peek through. You can only lie to yourself for so long.

Sometimes we think that we have nothing to give because we have no money to give. This is a lie. In Acts 3, Peter and John had neither silver nor gold but they had a name that completely transformed a man’s life. They carried a Presence that was powerful enough to give him what he needed, which was far greater than what he wanted.

Generosity comes from knowing the truth of who you are and what you have. When we’re unaware of just how much God has entrusted us with, we operate from a place of lack and deficiency. Anyone and anything that attempts to take from us is met with the full force of our defences in our feeble attempt to guard the little that we believe we have. Poverty is always first a deficiency of truth before becomes a deficiency of resource.

Generosity comes from knowing Who you carry with you everywhere you go. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the grave lives inside of you as a Spirit-filled believer. Does your life reflect this outstanding truth? Are those you interact with left at the impact of the One who is greater than you? Does the presence of God in your life overshadow your presence wherever you go?

If you consider everything you have in your life, including your life itself, as a gift from God, then it gives you pause in how you steward it. When you identify that your Source for everything you have and everything you give is indeed the Lord and not you, you realize that your measure is not one of lack or barely enough. When you have He who is immeasurable in all He is and all He does, your life is a constant overflow of more than enough.

Does God have room to move through your life and your person? Can He use you to extravagantly give to another what they need in a moment like He did with Peter and John? Are you truly willing to become the conduit that connects eternity and earth?

Go back to the beginning.

Back to when it all started.

At what point in your life did you start feeling like you have less than the next person…that maybe perhaps you’re less than the first person?

Find that place and displace the lie that started it all with the truth of who you are in God now.

More than enough.

Carrier of His Presence.

Vessel continually filled to overflow.

Eternally known and loved.

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