The typical aim of getting into business is to make profit. The most common understanding of profit in the world of business is monetary. But what does profit look like in the context of kingdom business?



God put each one of us on earth for a particular reason.

There is a divine mandate we all have as believers to lend a hand in the reconciliation of God and the fallen world. This includes not just people but the rest of creation in its various states and forms.

Unfortunately, this is often assumed to be solely the work of title-bearing ministers of the gospel when in fact it is a Great Commission for us all.

In particular, the marketplace has been a neglected arena for far too long where we’ve made it out to be territory for the world rather than the Church. Much like the 10 Israelite spies who thought of themselves as grasshoppers compared to the giants that occupied the land, we’ve bowed out before the battle even begins.

That needs to end.

The glory of God is supposed to cover the entire earth as the waters cover the sea. For me, this means, every aspect of our lives, including the marketplace requires our attention and commitment as believers.

You may not be called to have a title as a minister but your position in the marketplace beckons you into ministry.



Are people better for the existence of your business and your position in the marketplace or worse for it?

We lose out on many ministry opportunities in the marketplace when we limit ourselves to quoting Scripture rather than living it out as broadly and boldly as we can.

Regardless of what product/service your business offers, you have the unique opportunity to minister to people through how you offer it. Something as simple as how you treat a client/customer can be the avenue through which God uses you to encourage someone who’s sorely in need of it.

On the flipside, if your business is making money at the expense of people – whether your employees, colleagues, clients/customers, suppliers, etc – then you need to rethink the modus operandi of how you do business.

We cannot claim to be followers of Jesus – a man who was constantly moved with compassion to help people – when our work lives show the very opposite.



Are you a person of your word?

This may seem like an insignificant question but Scripture clearly gives an account of how the devil was overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of testimony (Revelation 12).

The value of a witness is found in the strength of their character. As witnesses of Christ to the world around us, we can only succeed in our mandate to the degree to which our lives attest that we are trustworthy. The words of our mouths mean little if they are in complete contradiction to the state of our minds, hearts and lives.

In a world where cutting corners and finding loopholes is the order of the day, something as basic as keeping a promise you made to someone can be a revolutionary thing.

Besides, why would God trust you with His word if you cannot even steward your own word?



“Of the greatness of his government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this.”

– Isaiah 9:7 NIV

This is one of the verses that challenges me the most when I think of the truth that undergirds it – regardless of all the chaos that exists in the world around me, the government of Christ is in a constant state of increase.

As a believer in business, this means that I have a mandate to uphold and increase His governance on the face of the earth notwithstanding the circumstances that exist. It’s the very reality of walking in divine authority that gives us power to calm the storms that rage around us.

If the reconciliation between God and creation is to be 1) maintained and 2) increased, we need to address the systems and structures of the world that go against the values of Christ. There is a kingdom environment that we need to establish in their place that is patterned after the nature of Christ and which acts as a greenhouse for the purpose of God for our lives, our generations and our world.

We cannot bring profit into the Kingdom of God without the power of the One who is seated on the throne. If we are to increase the government of Christ in every sphere of the business world, we need to be intentional in cultivating our relationship with God. The only way to bear fruit for God’s kingdom is to abide in the living Vine of the kingdom (Christ).



Does this mean that kingdom businesses should not seek to make money?


It means that as we do kingdom business, money is in its rightful place on our list of priorities. We need to do business like people who actually believe God when He says to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all things (including money) will be added unto us.


Take Action:

Is your marketplace expression profitable for the Kingdom of God?

What changes do you need to make to bear more fruit for His Kingdom?

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